How it Works


The Casaire system is environmentally friendly in that previously heated air which accumulates at high level is induced and redistributed to ground level using no additional mechanical equipment other than the primary air handling unit.

This is achieved via our unique induction devices which are mounted at high level throughout the heated space served via spirally wound ductwork distribution system in association with an air handling plant.

The induction devices act as a secondary high level destratification unit by inducing the surrounding previously heated air and mixing with primary heated air. The resultant mixed air being delivered to floor level at a low terminal velocity entrains surrounding air en route to further enhance the efficiency of the system.

The noise level of the system is extremely low as the high nozzle velocities are attenuated by the mass of induction air which enters the induction device.

A volume control damper is fitted to each induction device. The inclusion of this damper enables minor modifications to be made to the distribution system should building layouts alter with little or no cost to the client and without interruption to production. Because the heat contained within the building is constantly recycled, the burner is only started intermittently to maintain the design temperature

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Cooling coils with a variety of cooling mediums can be incorporated into the air handling unit. The induction devices would act as individual cooling units by cooling the induced air and distributing to floor level.


The Casaire System is managed by means of a Trend controller with averaging room sensors located in the building. The Trend controller
can be linked up to a central Building Management System to allow for remote control.

The fan can be automatically operated without the burner under the dictates of the Trend Control System to provide summer ventilation
using full fresh air.

The Trend Control System will automatically monitor the building environment and provide the necessary temperature control. Whilst Casaire are proud to be A Trend O.E.M. company, it is possible to fit controls manufactured by a variety of suppliers to maintain continuity with the the clients building management preferences.